Samsung Health 6.0 offers updated health and fitness tools with a more personalized digital health forum

Samsung Electronics today announced the release of a new version of its Samsung Health app, Samsung Health 6.0 which includes various improvements and new features. The app is currently in use by more than 65 million people worldwide. The latest version of Samsung Health includes updated tools of health and fitness, a new user interaction and increased personalization for empowering users to take better control of their wellness and health. Commenting on this latest version, Head of the Health Service Team at Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics, Peter Koo said, “At Samsung, we are committed to empowering users with the tools to manage their own health and well-being.” He further stated, “We’re proud to deliver a service that continues to redefine the health and fitness experience, with new features to help our users to achieve and exceed their health goals.”

Here are the latest features of the updated version in detail:

Personalized User Experience

Samsung Health 6.0 has now a visual design which is more user-friendly, is more personalized, intuitive, interactive and convenient to navigate. Considering user feedback and latest design trends, Samsung Health screen has now been simplified, prioritized and categorized according to the personal habits and needs of the users so that users can access preferred features quickly.

‘Together’ tab in the app has also been improved which now allows users to share their photos and celebrate their fitness achievements and milestones with friends within the app. The app has also become more interactive whereby users can connect with the international community of the app users and exchange texts and photos, compare achievements and also encourage each other in doing more to reach wellness goals by participating in the monthly ‘Global Challenge’.

‘Discover’ tab has also been updated which now provides a better user experience letting users find health-related content conveniently including programs, articles and partner apps – based on their fitness level and interests. Also, users can now purchase accessories, wearables, and other health related services and goods within the same platform.

Update for Samsung Smartwatches

The latest enhanced interface of Samsung Health for Samsung wearables allows for more information to be viewed at-a-glance, a workout countdown, heart rate and GPS tracking information, all which is available with a simple tap of a button. The latest update lets users choose from 39 different exercises and lets them track their fitness progress as they pair with a Samsung smartwatch or a similar wearable device.

Samsung Health App on Samsung Smartwatches

The latest version of Samsung Health app is available at the Google Play Store or can be downloaded via Samsung Galaxy Apps.

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Samsung Health 6.0 offers updated health and fitness tools with a more personalized digital health forum

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