Samsung And Google To Jointly Develop Custom Octa-Core Processor On The 5nm Node

Samsung and Google are reportedly working together to jointly develop a custom processor. The chipset is intended to be used by Google, but the end application of the same remains a mystery. The new custom chipset will be manufactured on Samsung’s newly developed 5nm Fabrication Node.

A new custom processor is being developed at Samsung. The application-specific or process-specific processor will be used by Google. The new processor is believed to be under active development and could be mass-produced within this year itself. It is not clear if Google intends to use the new processor inside the upcoming Pixel smartphones or for any other purpose.

Samsung Designing Custom Octa-Core SoC For Google On New 5Nm Process Technology:

Reports from South Korea indicate Samsung is deep in the development of a new custom System on a Chip (SoC). The custom-designed processor is intended for Google. The new processor will be manufactured on the new 5-nanometer process technology.

According to reports, the new SoC is an octa-core processor. Of the eight cores, four are reportedly energy-efficient Cortex-A55, two Cortex-A76 and a pair of Cortex-A78. While Samsung will source these cores, Google will provide an Image Processing Processor (ISP) and a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to the chipset.

The SoC is expected to have Mali MP20 as a graphics core. Incidentally, the Mali MP20 hasn’t been officially announced yet. However, previous reports indicate it is being manufactured on the new Borr microarchitecture.

Samsung has reportedly created a separate internal department consisting of 30 employees who have been tasked with the development of the new Custom SoC. It is not clear if Google will use the new custom chipsets within the upcoming budget-friendly Pixel smartphones. However, given the number and type of components within the new SoC, it is quite likely that Google could embed these chips into a new line of affordable Android smartphones with 5G capabilities.

Samsung Dumping Exynos Internal Components For Standard Third-Party Cores And Graphics Solutions?

Samsung has been receiving a lot of complaints about its Exynos chipset. Many users of the new Samsung Galaxy Series Android smartphones have complained about the Exynos processors being inferior. Users have claimed the Exynos chipset makes the phones slower, erodes battery life, deteriorates camera capabilities, negatively impacts processing power and even causes overheating that results in performance throttling.

It appears Samsung may have taken note of the rising discontent about its proprietary Exynos processors. Hence reports indicate the company will switch from Mongoose cores to standard ARMs in the upcoming variants of the Exynos processors. As an additional measure to boost graphics and camera capabilities, Samsung has reportedly refused to incorporate ARM Mali graphics. Instead, Samsung will embed AMD’s graphics chips inside its Exynos processors. Interestingly, Samsung has opted for the new AMD’s GPUs that are based on the RDNA architecture.

It is not clear if Samsung will follow the same pattern and use Sony imaging sensors in its smartphone cameras instead of its own. A recently created online petition has been garnering several hundred signatures per day. The petition urges Samsung to abandon its Exynos line and use the same processor, made from Qualcomm Cores within smartphones sold everywhere.

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