Samsung Gets Caught Red-Handed, Uses DSLR Image as Promo For Their Phone

Samsung pretends that the image is captured from its Galaxy A8 while it was captured with a DSLR

There are times when companies can lie and cheat. There are times when companies will use your work and portray it as their own work without giving you the credit for it. This is exactly what Samsung has done. The smartphone giant had taken a stock image captured from a DSLR and published it under its own name.

The DSLR image is used by Samsung to mislead people about the capabilities of its latest camera phone Galaxy A8. The image was taken from a DSLR which Samsung showed that it was taken from their latest smartphone, a move made to boast about the A8’s camera portrait mode. But Samsung probably hoped to get away with it.

Dunja Djudjic said that she created a profile on EyeEm as they partner with Getty Images. The result was that some of the pictures of Dunja were selected to be sold on Getty Images. After a few weeks, she received an email from Getty that she had sold a picture. Curious about her picture, Dunja performed a reverse image search to find her image online.

To her surprise, she could only find results related to Samsung Galaxy A8. She saw her picture in the Galaxy A8 camera description where the text read as follows.

  • Focus where needed.
  • Take portrait shots that pops [sic]. Thanks to it’s [sic] high-performance dual camera system with 16MP and 24MP lenses.
  • Galaxy A8 Star can capture stunning images. You can manually manage the depth of field to focus on the object you want

The picture was heavily photoshopped by Samsung in order to add more effects to it, but the thing is that the image was not captured by a Samsung phone rather it was captured from a DSLR. The Korean company just purchased a picture and started marketing it as if it was taken from the A8’s camera.

Many companies have tried to pull this off before, including major manufacturers like Nokia. It seems surprising that companies expect to get away with stuff like this.

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Samsung Gets Caught Red-Handed, Uses DSLR Image as Promo For Their Phone

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