Samsung Galaxy S10+ Rooted, Public Method Coming Soon

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S10+ was released earlier this month, and proof of root has already been released by Magisk developer topjohnwu just earlier today. This is for the Exynos (international) version specifically, because Samsung must use Snapdragon SoCs for CDMA support in the United States. Sprint and Verizon, two of the largest mobile carriers in the United States, operate on a CDMA network, as well as some others.

Because Qualcomm owns 95% of standards essential patents for (CDMA2000), Samsung has pretty much no choice but to release a Qualcomm-based SoC variant of their devices in the U.S. – the carriers then use this opportunity to demand that Samsung locks the bootloaders, to prevent warranty repair issues from people modifying their phones.

In any case, Magisk developer topjohnwu purchased a Galaxy S10+ specifically for development purposes, and he posted that he was able to root the device with direct modifications to the /system and vendor partitions.

He’s been posting frequent updates on Twitter, mentioning that the amount of work needed to make the Galaxy S10+ boot with any custom modifications was proving to be a serious headache.

As he explains, a huge part of the problem is that new limitations in Android Q related to the logical partition /overlayfs setup make it impossible to mount /vendor, /product, and /system as RW. This could spell huge trouble for things like TWRP and custom ROMs.

However, topjohnwu later discovered an alternative method that wouldn’t require all that hassle. He mentions it is related to Android Q support, but no official releases have been made yet.

In any case, TWRP should have an official release for the Galaxy S10 very soon, and so we should have official root methods for the Galaxy S10 in a few days. Pay attention to our Android How To’s so you’ll be informed as soon as a root method is available.


Kamil Anwar
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Samsung Galaxy S10+ Rooted, Public Method Coming Soon

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