Samsung Galaxy S10 Might Be Priced Higher Than $1000 With Multiple Models Featuring 5G

Three smartphones in upcoming series

After an extremely successful launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the Korean Manufacturer has probably reached far into the development of its S9 successor, which could be one of the first ever smartphones to have 5G. But the new telecommunication standard won’t come without a cost of its own.

There’s enough time between now and the Mobile World Congress 2019 for Samsung to work on their next big smartphone, considering it would be one of the most anticipated smartphones of the show, they will have to bring in their ‘A’ game. Another possibility could be that Samsung would unveil the Galaxy S10 at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show next year, although chances are very slim.

Surprisingly, there is another rumour with a large possibility, the S10 and S10+ will both be 5G compatible with the latter of the two having a larger size, obviously the S10+ would be priced higher.

Samsung always releases two mainstream varients of the S series, the S and S+. We might get a third model added to the flagship line up next year. Which is speculated to be the ‘entry-level’ model, in other words, the cheapest model of the three. This is assumed due to there being 3 code names out for the next year’s flagship; Beyond 0, Beyond 1, and Beyond 2. Where Beyond 1 and Beyond 2 could come out to be the regular S10 and the S10+ respectively and Beyond 0 being the ‘entry-level’ model mentioned above.

Speculated of having a lower cost, the Beyond 0 model might be the one without 5G functionality to shave off the significant cost of 5G implementation.

As many leaks have pointed out, the Snapdragon 855 won’t ship with a in-built modem for 5G compatibility, although companies will have the option to buy the X50 modems separately. Also for many people who change phones frequently, having a 5G enabled smartphone might not make a lot of sense, as telecom companies will still take a few years to make the shift in 5G enabled networks.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Might Be Priced Higher Than $1000 With Multiple Models Featuring 5G

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