Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Specs Revealed: 7.7-inch panel, Better Foldable Display, 64MP Main Sensor & 15W Wireless Charging

We know that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is due to come out. We still don’t quite know much about the device but believe that Samsung would do a better job this time. While the Original Fold was quite good, its certain quirks didn’t make it good enough to be more than a gimmick. Now, after the Fold and even the Galaxy Flip, we know that Samsung has tamed this technology quite a bit.

According to an article on etNews, we get a look at the specs and the possible manufacturers for certain parts of the device. While we would like to focus on specs more, some manufacturers may be mentioned as well.

Starting off with the displays and the Fold 2 would have a 7.7-inch OLED display. According to the article, this would be a 120Hz panel which would be quite amazing with the form factor. Samsung would be making the display themselves and the outer coating on the panel would be better, reinforced, double-glazed. There is also a fingerprint sensor on the side, embedded on the button.

Coming to the camera and this phone would pack three behemoth sensors on the back. There are two 12MP sensors on the back. One is the ultra-wide sensor and the other one is the simple wide-angle sensor. Lastly, there is a 64MP main sensor (telephoto). This is a major improvement over the 12MP one and Samsung may add upscaling to 8K even. Meanwhile, on the front, there is a 10MP sensor which is ready for calls and sometimes selfies.

Lastly, we come to the new wireless charging. We are seeing wireless charging standards evolved. This time, Samsung will upgrade the wireless charging support from 9W to 15W.

Sarmad Burki
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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Specs Revealed: 7.7-inch panel, Better Foldable Display, 64MP Main Sensor & 15W Wireless Charging

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