Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Specifications, Features Leak, Comes With Large High DPI Display With 120Hz Refresh Rate?

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has so far managed to avoid leaks. Several details about the massive foldable smartphone from Samsung have been discredited in the recent past. However, the latest leak appears to be comprehensive as it includes details about the display technology. It appears Samsung intends to position the second iteration of the Galaxy Fold Android smartphone as a gamer’s choice in addition to professionals who need the occasional expansive device in a slim and foldable form-factor.

Several rumors and leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 eventually turned out to be about the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. However, the latest leak comes from market professional Ross Young who has been consistently following up on the technical specifications, hardware, features, price, availability, launch date and other details about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Main Display Size, Tech, DPI, Refresh Rate And Resolution Leak?

Serial tipster Ross Young had recently dismissed the claims about an under-screen selfie camera on the inside display. The Founder and CEO of DSCC has been consistently offering important information about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. Incidentally, the information has neither been confirmed or denied by Samsung. Hence the leaks might not pan out to be accurate. Nonetheless, Young claims he has details of the displays on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

The secondary display on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 was previously expected to be rather small. Earlier reports claimed the below 5” secondary display to have large bezels above and below it. Although this is the secondary display, it will be the first and most obvious one on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. New rumors indicate that instead of the 4.6-inch panel on the original Fold, Samsung will use the entire available area to embed a large 6.23″ panel.

Suspiciously, the display will be reportedly based on the LTPS backplane technology and not AMOLED. Young claims the outer display will have a resolution of 2267 x 819 pixels and use a hole-punch for the camera. Incidentally, it will reportedly be a standard 60Hz display.

According to Ross Young, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2’s ‘Main Display’ will measure 7.59”. This is slightly larger than previous reports. The primary display, when unfolded, will reportedly have a resolution of 2213 x 1689 pixels. Needless to add, the higher resolution will mean a slightly sharper display owing to the Pixels-Per-Inch (PPI) measurement of 372.

The primary display on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will reportedly have a much higher refresh rate of 120Hz. The display will be based on the LPTO backplane, which is the same technology Apple uses in the latest iPhones with AMOLED displays. The entire main display of the Fold 2 will rest beneath an Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG). While Samsung is using glass, the entire display, just like the Galaxy Z Flip, will still require a plastic screen protector to protect it from impact.

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