Samsung Display to Reveal “Flex Hybird”, a Foldable Concept Which Can Stretch and Slide

The Flex Hybrid is a new prototype device from Samsung Display that includes a slide-out display. The display of the hypothetical “smart mobile device” may be accessed by unfolding the left side of the device; the right side can then expand outward to provide even more screen space. It will be unveiled at CES 2023, together with a brand-new 17-inch slidable display and automotive panels made for autonomous vehicles.

Samsung Display claims that the Flex Hybrid can stretch from a 10.5-inch 4:3 display to a 12.4-inch screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio, however, no specific information on resolution or peak brightness is provided. It’s not difficult to see the display being used in a foldable smartphone in the future, enabling users to unfold the device for a more minor tablet-style experience and then unslide it for a bigger screen for watching a movie or playing a game. 

Samsung Flex Hybird | Image: Samsung

The prototype advances the idea of devices that Samsung Display has previously shown. None of the foldable and slidable screen prototypes that Samsung displayed at the Display Week exhibition in May last year blended the two features nearly this well. It’s also important to note that Samsung has yet to make any of these more sophisticated displays available in a consumer-ready product so it may be some time before the Flex Hybrid idea becomes widely available.

Additionally, Samsung Display has two bigger 17-inch slidable prototypes that are intended for laptops in the future. After making its premiere at Intel’s Innovation keynote in September, the idea will have its public debut at CES. The Flex Slidable Duet can grow in two directions, from between 13 and 14 inches to a total of 17.3 inches, whereas the Flex Slidable Solo can only expand in one order.

Samsung Slidable Flex Duet | Image: Samsung

Last but not least, Samsung is showcasing a new line of screens for self-driving vehicles that combine 34-inch and 15.6-inch panels. Again, it is still being determined if or when these displays will be used in a product ready for the general public, but Samsung Display wants the world’s self-driving car companies to know that it has the necessary technology for when their cars are put into use.


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