Samsung R&D Facility Reportedly Struck With Missiles Following Ukraine Tensions in Russia

Strong condemnation has been expressed in response to widespread Russian missile attacks on civilian buildings and infrastructure in Ukraine.

Sadly, “dozens of people being killed and injured” as a result of the bombardment, according to reports of extensive damage to civilian areas, particularly in Kyiv. A report from the Ukrainian news source Mezha highlighted the fact that a Russian rocket struck the structure containing Samsung’s regional offices and R&D centre, demonstrating the randomness of the disaster. 

The Samsung factory is situated in a prime area of Kiev. According to reports, a rocket struck the 101 Tower office complex, which houses Samsung’s offices and R&D facility. The building has damage on several floors. Andrii Skira, the director of Samsung Electronics Ukraine’s consumer electronics division, posted additional photographs and a video of the incident on his Facebook page. 

Fortunately, it appears that every Samsung employee left the building before the rocket struck it. We hope individuals employed by other businesses with offices there heeded the sirens and left promptly to seek refuge. We regrettably don’t have any additional statements from Samsung personnel, but it is most likely way too early to evaluate the harm and potential effects on the company’s operations.

Following the invasion, numerous multinational corporations, including Samsung, limited their business in Russia. The business made the decision to stop selling phones, chipsets, and other products in Russia public in March of this year.

Given that Samsung controls more than 30% of the Russian smartphone market, this was a significant choice for the company. Additionally, the business briefly halted operations at its TV manufacturing in Kaluga, close to Moscow

However, a Russian tabloid last month claimed that Samsung would start shipping smartphones back to the nation by October. According to reports, Samsung refuses to respond on the story. The Korean company’s intentions to resume smartphone sales in the Russian Federation are currently unknown.

According to Western news outlets, the increased random firing by Russian troops is more likely a form of retaliation than a calculated move. Targeting civilian buildings is surely condemnable and we hope this war ends soon.

Muhammad Zuhair
Passionate about technology and gaming content, Zuhair focuses on analysing information and then presenting it to the audience.
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