Samsung Exynos Powered Windows Laptops Coming Later This Year, Possible Apple M1 Competitor?

Apple has done exceptionally well with its in-house M1 SoCs; the chip offers excellent performance and is relatively light on the battery compared to its competing Intel chips. On the other hand, Windows laptops are still very slow on the ARM adoption, but Apple’s success with their M1 chips has forced competitors to take notice. According to a recent report from ZDNet Korea, Samsung is planning on releasing an Exynos-powered windows laptop later this year.

Earlier Samsung was a major player in the laptop business, but that dwindled over the years. Their recent Chromebook lineup failed to get much traction as well. Now it seems Samsung wants to have another go at the laptop business with their in-house Exynos SoCs. This isn’t the first time the company has launched Windows laptops with ARM chips, but those were on Snapdragon processors. This time the Korean giant wants to have all major components in-house like display, memory, storage, and SoC. This vertical integration will help them undercut competitors on pricing. This will also give Samsung greater control over their release dates given they won’t have to depend on other companies, for example waiting on Intel to release their latest processors.

The report also states that a Radeon GPU will power the Exynos SoC, an expected move given Samsung licensed the RDNA GPU architecture from AMD back in 2019. The Exynos 2100 released earlier this year also had an RDNA powered GPU.

Why Exynos?

With the release of Apple’s M1 MacBooks, the advantages of ARM on the personal computing space are clear. Samsung wants to replicate this on the Windows platform where most of the action is only happening with x86 processors. Qualcomm SoCs could have been an ideal option, but that again makes Samsung dependent on another company’s release cycle, also less control on pricing.

Microsoft’s OS is still not fleshed out enough to make premium ultrabooks with ARM CPUs compete with Apple’s M1 MacBooks; Samsung will probably target the budget Ultrabook category with this Exynos laptop. Samsung officially hasn’t announced anything yet, but watch this space for more information.

Indranil Chowdhury
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