Samsung’s Exynos Department Has Reportedly Become A Victim of Internal Conflicts

For its upcoming Galaxy lineup, Samsung decided to go with Snapdragon for plenty of reasons. There have been allegations of internal strife in other departments, including the Exynos one.

According to a recent News NCR report, investors and hedge funds such as Petra Capital Management and Dalton Investments have expressed worries about Samsung’s rigid corporate culture. Lee Jae-Yong, the corporation’s vice-chair, and the de facto president is currently in charge of the Korean powerhouse. According to Chan Lee, managing associate at Seoul-based Petra Capital Management, the company is prioritizing speedier development and financial return over innovation, even with its Exynos division, when it should be doing the exact opposite.

“Designing their own chips requires creativity and engineering prowess but Samsung’s risk-averse culture has deepened under Lee Jae-Yong’s leadership, with engineers avoiding new attempts at innovation.”

-News NCR

According to reports, a junior Samsung engineer wrote a letter to the management group in April indicating that Samsung’s researchers have been given “impossible” goals to meet while also contending with a hostile work environment. The unnamed employee also claims that high management at Samsung is unable to comprehend how serious the situation is.

As big as Samsung is, it shouldn’t take much work to create a competitive Exynos chipset; the only obvious problem at the moment is an internal conflict of interest. There is no reason why Samsung’s silicon division shouldn’t be successful if all executives and workers can overcome this small obstacle.



Muhammad Zuhair

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