Samsung Exynos 2200 Performs Comeptitively in Latest Benchmark Leak But The AMD-Powered GPU Dissapoints

Hours after officially announcing the Exynos 2200 SoC, the first set of post-reveal benchmarks for the chip are here and they’re not very reassuring. Several past leaks have pointed towards how the chip falls behind its contemporaries, and recent reports have also suggested that the SoC is struggling to hit the target frequency without overheating, which can result in drastic performance decrements. Today’s leak shines a new light on the chip, putting it in a much better position than any other leak so far has.

Tipster Ishan Agarwal and MySmartPrice tested the Exynos 2200 SoC inside a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which essentially confirms that we will be seeing the chip in the upcoming S22 series. We have three different benchmarks to look at: AnTuTu, Geekbench, and GFXBench. In all of these, the chip performed fairly similar to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and even beat it in one area, but surprisingly performed the worst of all in the GPU test.

The Scores

The Exynos 2200 managed to score 1108 points in single-core and 3516 in the multi-core tests in Geekbench. The single-core score is neck-in-neck with the Exynos 2100 of yesteryear and the Snapdragon 888. To recall, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 edition of the S22 Ultra scored 1,219 in the single-core test and 3,154 in the multi-core test. Moreover, Exynos 2200 netted 965,874 points in the AnTuTu benchmark. That’s significantly higher than last year’s Snapdragon 888 and a full 46% gain over the Exynos 2100’s scores.

Those numbers look quite competitive with the Exynos chip essentially trading blows with its current and previous-gen counterparts. With enough optimization before release, perhaps the Exynos 2200 can even beat all of its competition, except the A15 Bionic of course. However, the GFXBench Aztec Ruins benchmark produced extremely underwhelming results, which is surprising since the new AMD RDNA-2 powered “Xclipse 920” GPU is the highlight of the Exynos 2200 and has (supposedly) been in the works for well over two years.

Cutting to the chase, Exynos 2200 achieved 109 FPS in the GFXBench Aztec Ruins test at normal setting and 1080p resolution. That might sound impressive in a vacuum but when compared to other phones, it becomes downright embarrassing. The Snapdragon 888 managed to achieve 116 FPS in the same test, and the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 blew the Exynos 2200 out the water with 143 FPS, constituting a 31% lead.

‘(Snapdragon)’ refers to the Snapdragon 888 and ‘(Exynos)’ refers to the Exynos 2100 | Pictures sourced from GSMArena.

There’s still time

Now, of course these are still just leaked benchmarks done on engineering or sample hardware not ready for release. There’s still a month before the Galaxy S22 series launches so Samsung can further optimize the chip by then. However, with release so close it looks unlikely that drastic changes can be made. I am most doubtful of that GPU benchmark as it seems almost unbelievable with just how much expectation was behind this AMD x Samsung partnership.

Perhaps, this is where we should keep in mind that pre-engineering hardware is not representative of the final launch hardware. Samsung is expected to reveal the Galaxy S22 series on February 9th where we’ll get more details on what the Exynos 2200 entails. The announcement earlier today basically gave us nothing except marketing lingo and a name for the RDNA 2 GPU. 

As of now, we know that the S22 Ultra is rumored to feature a 6.8″ 120Hz Quad-HD+ AMOLED display, a 108MP main shooter, 45W fast charging, and a nice collection of colors to choose from. Expect everything else to be up to the usual flagship standard. S22 Ultra will also launch with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 version in a few markets, so it will be interesting to see how the two stack up once they’re both made official next month.


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Samsung Exynos 2200 Performs Comeptitively in Latest Benchmark Leak But The AMD-Powered GPU Dissapoints

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