Samsung Believes The Era Of Foldable Smartphones Is Here

Samsung’s mobile president, TM Roh, claims that the company is starting to see foldable devices becoming more popular. This indicates that more users than ever are transitioning to foldable gadgets.

When it comes to foldable technology, Samsung is far ahead of the competition. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 are slated for release by the business next month. Although Samsung is progressively refining foldable technology, it is unknown when Apple will introduce a foldable iPhone.

Foldable iPad concept render | MacRumors

In a recent blog post, Roh claimed that in 2021, over 10 million foldable cellphones were shipped. He asserts that the statistic is much higher than the previous year and that the “fast-paced rise will continue.” Roh stated that the time has come for foldable handsets to expand and stake a larger position in the entire smartphone industry.

According to tech analyst Ross Young, Samsung controls 87.8% of the market for foldable cellphones, making it a significant competitor. By 2025, IDC predicts that there will be 27.6 million foldable cellphones on the market. But if and when Apple will intervene is still up in the air. We can confidently assume that the acceptance rate would skyrocket and eventually become the standard whenever Apple decides to offer a foldable iPhone.

Analyst Mong-Chi Kuo has previously stated that Apple is testing a foldable iPhone variant. He further speculates that Apple’s first foldable device will be a combination of the iPhone and iPad.

Manufacturers are undoubtedly encouraged to include foldable phones in their flagship lineup by the growing trend of such products. Time will only be able to tell, though, how this trend develops and impacts the consumer market.


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