Samsung to Initiate Production of 1TB DDR5 Memory Modules

Samsung has started working on the production of its upcoming DDR5 memory modules, which would have capacities of up to 1 TB.

The demand for higher types of memory is growing as a result of improvements in computer architecture and components in the modern world. DDR5 is rapidly establishing itself as the industry standard for major consumer products as the introductions of AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series and Intel’s 13th Gen Core CPUs draw near.

The voltage for DDR5 memory is 1.1V lower than that of DDR4 memory and earlier memory modules, yet the rates can reach 7200MHz or higher and the number of banks is increased to 32, which is twice as many as before. Additionally, the prefetched bit count has risen to 16n.

Image: Harukaze5719

Higher capacity levels are being researched and developed by Samsung. The DRAM’s capacity is being increased by the corporation to 32GB, and the number of stacks is being increased to eight. The company wants to beat SSD hard drives in terms of single memory capacity by reaching 32GB with 3D-Stacking and 8-Hi stacks.

DDR5 Memory’s release on the market was a significant innovation for the sector. However, having multiple issues such as supply chain and high prices has hindered the growth of the RAM modules in the consumer market.


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