Samsung Confirms the Galaxy Z Fold 2 Will Launch Alongside the Galaxy Note 20 Series

We have been hearing rumors of another foldable device from Samsung for quite some time now. After the unusual success (and mishaps) of the original Samsung Fold, we should expect Samsung to do a much better job this time. Certain features didn’t particularly resonate with the consumers, while the fact that it was one of the most ambitious devices of the last year worked pretty well for Samsung. Regardless, we are finally getting the second (and perhaps much better) iteration of the Galaxy fold.

Today Samsung UK’s official Twitter account tweeted the familiar ‘butterfly animation’ with the caption ‘A new look unfolds’ clearly showing that the device is coming out shortly. The ‘butterfly animation’ was the part of the default theme on the original fold. So, it is actually one of the most obvious teasers that a company can release. It will be revealed alongside the upcoming Galaxy Note 20 series on 5th August, while the availability of the device may start in October. 

We know that the Galaxy Fold 2 now called Galaxy Z Fold 2 will be the enthusiast-level device we have all come to expect. It goes without saying that it will rock the Snapdragon 865+ processor and an industry leading Display. The most important spec to note here is that the outer display will not serve as a placeholder; it will be much better this time around, 120Hz refresh rate for both the inner and outer display is also expected. Head over to the link here for an in-depth look at the leaked specifications of the device.

Lastly, expect the device to leave a much bigger dent in your wallet if you plan on buying it at launch

Mohsin Naeem
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Samsung Confirms the Galaxy Z Fold 2 Will Launch Alongside the Galaxy Note 20 Series

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