Samsung Completes Development Of New Graphene Battery, Might Power Flagship Phones In 2019

Samsung is one of the most innovative companies in the world. They arguably make the best OLED displays in the world and also other great stuff like flash storage and memory. Their mobile division comes up with brilliant devices every year, including the Note and S series.

Although with time, a lot of Chinese players have come into the market, and they have brought prices down significantly. Phones like the OnePlus 6 and POCO F1 are often referred to as Flagship killers, offering a big part of the experience of a premium smartphone, at the fraction of a price. So there’s a lot of pressure on big companies to innovate so that they can offer something unique and continue charging a premium for their devices.

One of the biggest areas where smartphones still lag are batteries, we still use lithium-ion batteries, which are based on an aging technology. Sure lithium-ion batteries have become more efficient with time, but they still have their limits.

Graphene was always touted as a replacement for lithium-ion batteries, but its actually a form of Carbon with a hexagonal structure. Due to its nature, it can be used to make denser batteries that can hold more power, and since it’s not based on a chemical reaction, it won’t degrade with time like the Lithium-Ion batteries.

Last year Samsung filed a patent for a Graphene-based battery tech that could significantly increase battery life, and this was reported by PhoneArena. If a tweet from a reliable source is to be believed, Samsung is actually done with their testing of Graphene batteries, and we might see them in Samsung phones as early as next year.

This can be a hybrid system too, where the fast charging part of the battery is made up of graphene, and the other part is made up of normal Lithium-Ion tech. Graphene was hailed as the next big thing, but researchers so far haven’t been able to accomplish much. There are various start-ups who are currently working on graphene batteries, but there hasn’t been any tangible news, apart from the Samsung one today. There is a very small chance that these batteries show up in the Galaxy S10 next year, as mass production is also a significant challenge after development.

Right now most premium phones come with a fast charging solution, but with graphene batteries, it will be even faster. This can be a game-changer for Samsung if they are the first company to get new battery tech out in the market. But take this information with a pinch of salt, unless Samsung makes an official statement.

Indranil Chowdhury
Indranil is a Med school student and an avid gamer. He puts his absolute faith in Lord Gaben and loves to write. Crazy about the Witcher lore, he plays soccer too. When not playing games or writing, you can find him on 9gag spreading the Pcmasterrace propaganda.

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Samsung Completes Development Of New Graphene Battery, Might Power Flagship Phones In 2019

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