Samsung Breaks Barriers Implements Notebook Level Water Cooling Solution in the Galaxy Note 9

Samsung’s Note series have always been Samsung’s real flagship devices. They share a lot of DNA with it’s sibling, the S series. But they always release a few months after the S series and Samsung utilizes the time to perfect the Note series and the end results speak for themselves.

This year’s Note 9 is no different. Initial previews have been very positive for the device and a lot of complaints, like the awkward position of the fingerprint sensor, which has been fixed in this year’s iteration.

Note 9 Dismantled
Source – Hi Tech Mail Ru from Russia

But, this year we have a massive improvement in the thermals department. Hi Tech Mail Ru from Russia had dismantled the device and found out that the Note 9 had a entire copper tube for heat dissipation. This is a far-cry from the passive cooling methods used in most phones. Samsung has claimed that the new copper tubes inside have actual water inside them called the  “water-carbon” system. Even flagship devices have copper tubes for cooling but they aren’t as big as the one in the Note 9. Infact this has a lot of resemblance with the ROG gaming phone from ASUS, which had massive copper tubes for cooling.

Note 9 internals close up
Source – Hi Tech Mail Ru from Russia

Gaming has recently picked up on Android phones due to the releases of both PUBG and Fortnite. Fortnite is also a Note 9 exclusive on launch, so Samsung might be targeting the gamer demographic with their new device. So certainly better cooling solutions will go a long way.

Apart from the thermals, there have been minor changes underneath the hood of the Note 9. The S pen is more tightly packed with the hardware and the charging port has been integrated with the motherboard, but not as a single unit. Even with these improvements, they have managed to put a massive 4000mAh battery.

The Note 9 is powered by the Snapdragon 845 and will be available in 128GB / 6GB RAM and 512GB / 8GB RAM versions with a 6.4 inch OLED display. Preorders have started today and the phone will be available with retailers from 24th August.

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