Samsung Backtracking on Adoptable Storage Support in Android Pie

Just over a month ago it was reported that the Android Pie update for the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 was to feature adoptable storage support. This feature was introduced back in 2015 with Android Marshmallow. Adoptable Storage allows the phone to treat the internal and external storage as one. Samsung did not implement this feature in their phones stating that adoptable storage is mostly beneficial for budget phones.

A member of the XDA Developers Forums discovered that the leaked Galaxy Note 9 Pie firmware contained the option to use a micro-SD as extended phone storage.

Feature Not Included In Official Galaxy S9 Android Pie Update

Today Samsung started rolling out its final version of Android Pie for the Galaxy S9 and S9+. The feature is no where to be found in the final version, Samsung may have realized that they are kinda late to the party. Furthermore, there is also a possibility that Samsung could not get the feature to work properly since in the leaked firmware the feature did not function at all. Nevertheless, this feature not being included is not that big of a deal. The feature is without a doubt useful, but with phones coming with at least 64 GB internal storage these days, the feature isn’t really necessary. Furthermore, for fans who are anticipating this feature to be added in future updates, chances are very slim.

It should be noted that Samsung has now backtracked on two features this month. Firstly, with the Time Limit on free Galaxy Themes. Subsequently, with the adoptable storage support. Can we expect this from Samsung moving forward towards the release of the S10? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

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Samsung Backtracking on Adoptable Storage Support in Android Pie

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