Samsung Announces the New Chromebook 4 & 4+ with Good Battery Life and Intel Celeron N4000 chips

The last iteration of the Samsung Chromebooks came out back in 2016. This was back when the Chromebooks were getting more common with Google’s addition as well. Today, in an article on Toms Hardware, Samsung has reportedly announced its next generation of Chromebooks. These would be the 4th editions of the notebook, called Samsung Chromebook 4 and 4+.

The Chromebook 4 & 4+

According to the article, the Chromebook 4 supports an 11.6-inch 1366×768 resolution display while the bigger Chromebook 4+ rocks a 15.6-inch full HD panel. Both machines will have similar if not the same internals with not many gains in today’s day an age. Perhaps that doesn’t matter though, considering it is a Chromebook after all.

Inside both the machines, they have the Intel Celeron N4000 chips and Intel’s UHD 600 graphics. These come with the option of 4GB of RAM and users may choose to go for the 6GB variant as well. For the storage options though, the device only has an option of 32 or 64 GB worth of eMMC storage. In my opinion, this could have been bumped up to bigger storage options and better speed SSD options, compared to the competition. The article states that Samsung believes everything is on the cloud now and users may not require so much space.

The laptops do come with good battery life, with the smaller one topping off at 12.5 hours and the bigger one at 10.5 hours. One of the biggest additions is the USB-C port. This universal port is making to most machines today and this would allow users to attach high-speed external SSDs or even connect to an external display quite easily. The Samsung Chromebook 4 comes with Wifi 5 allowing battery efficient streaming.

Where the device really outshines is its build quality. In the announcement, Samsung explained how the machine has passed eight military-grade standards which gives the device the ability to withstand quite the beating. According to the company, this can easily be a daily driver for students who may be careless at times.

The basic models are available today from Samsung’s online store. For the 11.6 inch model, the base model would run you $230 and for the Chromebook 4+, it would be $300. Users may choose to check these out at Best Buy and other authorised retailers as well. Orders will be shipped by 9th October.

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Samsung Announces the New Chromebook 4 & 4+ with Good Battery Life and Intel Celeron N4000 chips

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