Samsung Announces New ISOCELL Lineup with 15 Percent Smaller Sensor Size To Reduce Camera Bumps

Modern smartphones continue to grow bigger and thinner but this has negative aspects to it as well. For many people that big red flag is the obnoxious camera bump on the back. Sometimes you may have your phone on the table and you want to text. There you go, you get an all-in-one rocker too. Apart from the shot at the nuisance it may create, it is straight-up an eyesore. For companies that aim for a sleek design, this is definitely a mood killer.

Now, Samsung, a sensor manufacturer as well, has decided to revamp its camera sensor lineup to come out smaller and more of a low-profile one. Following are the new sensors announced by the company.

via XDA-Developers

A report from XDA developers covers the entire news in brief detail. According to the article, the company would be revamping all of its lineups, from 32MP sensors all the way up to its flagship module: 108MP.

Samsung’s New ISOCELL Lineup

The new series of ISOCELLs would be aimed at being about 15 percent smaller which would allow OEMs to work around smaller to no camera bumps on upcoming devices. As the report further provides detail, the ISOCELL HM2 would be 15 percent smaller, giving a 10 percent shorter camera sensor in total. It would also have improved autofocus abilities. Not to mention, it would allow the sensor to give 3x lossless zoom, one of the prime selling factors for the device.

Meanwhile, other sensors would get more capable qualities as well such as the GW3 which would have 4K 60fps capabilities while being electronically stabilized. The GM5 would be used as a telescopic or an ultra-wide sensor. The problems with these in the past has been the light management. This would not be an issue in this new generation. Finally, the JD1, mostly used as a selfie sensor. This sensor would be the same size as a 16MP one which is a huge leap. This would certainly reduce the hole-punch cut out that we see in most modern smartphones.

The lineup would be available soon, by this year’s end.


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