Samsung Announces Its Work on Self-Emitting Quantum Dot Displays With Extended Lifespan

Samsung has always been the benchmark when it comes to displays. Not only does the Korean company perfect in cellphones today but its innovative design and technology set the industry standard. In a recent article, ZDNet suggests that Samsung is working on commercializing a new self-emissive display for its QLED displays.

QLED Technology by Samsung Explained

The issue is that QLEDs, while they do perform exceptionally well, showing amazing blacks and contrast levels, they have limited life. With Samsung, they are out to make something of that. According to the article, Samsung has come up with an idea and a way to extend and rectify the lifespan of the QLEDs on their displays. How will they accomplish this though?

How it Would Work?

According to the article, A Samsung fellow and researcher at Samsung Advanced Insititute of Technology improved the entire design of the QLED, making it out of environmentally friendly indium phosphide. Quoting the article as it is,

Their proposed structure prevents oxidation of the core and builds a symmetrical and thick shell around it to prevent energy leaks. The ligand on the shell surface has also been made shorter to allow it to absorb electric current faster.

What this would mean is that the efficiency for the display would increase by about 21.4 percent. Signing about 170 patents, the company aims to commercialize the technology in the near future.

A question arises though, when will this come to be though. Currently, the technology is pretty distant from what they are aiming to achieve. They are hoping to achieve emitting light from a quantum dot. While they do have QLED TVs as their flagships, they do no emit the light. Instead, it is a Cadium-free QD layer on the LCD which absorbs the light from the source and emits it then. According to the article, they claim that Samsung plans on mass-producing TVs by 2021. This is still just a claim though because the technology still hasn’t shown up in a proper prototype form and till that happens, we cannot be certain.

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Samsung Announces Its Work on Self-Emitting Quantum Dot Displays With Extended Lifespan

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