Samsung’s Budget-Friendly A24 and A34 Rumored to Launch Soon

In recent years, we have seen how Samsung has been trying to become more consistent with their design, even though they have been criticized a lot for it. Well, that design is starting to reach some of their most affordable devices like the A series.

The A14 launched a while ago, and it had a similar design to some of its more expensive counterparts such as the S22 and S23 series. You can see both the designs in the picture down below.

There are some new Samsung phones that are rumored to be released soon, including the A24 and A34. These phones may come with or without 5G connectivity. Some websites have shown that these phones have been approved by different certification organizations, which is usually a sign that they will be released soon.

Additionally, a higher-end phone called the A54 has also been spotted in China, but it hasn’t been fully confirmed yet. This phone is rumored to have 5G connectivity and a big battery. Like last year, we won’t see an A7x series phone due to the fact that it may be replaced by the S22 FE. However, these are all rumors at this point, and so should be taken with a grain of salt.

Of course, it’s not just about looks. Samsung has also been working to incorporate more advanced features into its budget devices, like multiple camera lenses and high-capacity batteries. (the A14 has a massive 5000mAh battery) These features were once reserved only for premium devices, but they are now becoming more common in mid-range and budget phones as well.

All of these changes are part of Samsung’s broader strategy to expand its reach in the smartphone market. While the company’s premium devices continue to be popular with high-end consumers, the budget market is a huge and growing segment of the smartphone market, particularly in developing countries. By bringing its signature design features to these devices, Samsung is able to offer a more consistent brand experience to users across all price points.


Muhammad Qasim

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