Samsung A-series Phones Might Feature An In-Display Fingerpirnt Scanner As Samsung Closes Deal With Supplier

In-display fingerprint scanners have been the most trending feature in the mobile industry ever since launch. With more and more companies incorporating the same in their higher end and mid-range devices, it’s pretty obvious that this will become a norm pretty soon like the standard fingerprint sensor. As GSMArena reports, Samsung is all set to introduce them in it’s budget, A-series mobile phones as well.

There is no evidence revealing which phones will be featuring the in-display FP sensor, but Samsung has reportedly sealed a deal with Chinese supplier, Aegis Technology, for in-display FP sensors for their upcoming lineup of A-series mobile phones. Earlier it was reported that Samsung Galaxy S10 will be featuring the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner, which is faster and has a larger recognition area, but GSMArena reports that as per inside sources, the A-series mobile phones will be devoid of that.

Although the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner will likely not be present in the A-series mobile phones, it pretty much makes sense given the fact that this technology is Samsung exclusive and will likely be a part of flagships only.

While in-display fingerprint scanners are not something new in the budget segment, Samsung’s decision to introduce in-display fingerprint scanners to mid-range devices emphasizes on the fact that Samsung is looking to shift its focus to the mid-range department, which has a lot of competition from different brands.

Md Armughanuddin
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