Samsung’s 990 Pro SSD Allegedly Submitted for Certification

Samsung has just submitted its next gen PCIe 5.0 based 990 1TB and 2TB SSDs for certification at the Korean RRA. The Device name comes under the category of Solid State Drives (SSDs) signalling towards the fact that this may be Samsung’s 980 Pro successor.

You can thank  Harukaze5719  for sharing this vital piece of information with us. The model name on the website is “MZ-V9P2T0” and the derived model name is “MZ-V9P1T0“. For reference purposes, the 980 Pro is tagged as “MZ-V8P1T00”. If we connect all the dots, this may be Samsung’s next gen PCIe 5.0 SSD.

Possible 990 Pro Submitted for certification at the Korean RRA

PCIe 5.0 SSDs are expected to provide speeds up to 14GB/s and capacities ranging up till 8TB. No exact specifications for the read/write speeds/TBW have been provided by Samsung officially. It is to be noted that Samsung blew away the competition after launching its 980 Pro lineup which took a hit only after companies started to release their high end competitors.

Many vendors and partners will provide custom cooling solutions because even the current-gen SSDs require extra cooling. Samsung may even offer DRAM-less SSDs at a cheaper price as was the case with the 980 (Non-Pro).

CES 2023 is coming soon, so Samsung may announce its gen 5.0 SSDs there, since AMD and Intel will also have launched their next gen CPUs by then .


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