Samsung’s 3nm Yield Rate Achieves Remarkable Progress Coming Head to Head With TSMC

During its quarterly earnings for the year, Samsung provided an update on its 3nm GAA chip progress, indicating a positive outlook that may allow the Korean giant to win back some of its lapsed customers. After initial difficulties with its 4nm technology, the business has reportedly achieved yields of 60-70 percent with its next-generation chips.

FNN reports that Samsung looks to be making headway with this technology, which is essential for the corporation to gain the trust of prospective customers by achieving a yield of up to 70 percent. The manufacturer is said to have sent 3nm GAA prototypes to a number of companies for quality assurance checks; however, the identities of these companies remain unknown.

Samsung’s 3nm Wafer | Samsung Newsroom

It has been reported, nonetheless, that the bulk of Samsung’s clientele comes from the mobile and HPC (high-performance computing) sectors, which need chips with a primary emphasis on reduced battery consumption and enhanced performance. With the latest reports of issues related to TSMC’s 3nm technology, Samsung might theoretically capitalize on the market gap left by TSMC.

Despite the very slow performance of the semiconductor business, Samsung Electronics plans to mass-produce the next-generation process in accordance with the roadmap with no delays announced yet. Due to preorder placement, it is very improbable that tech companies would switch from Samsung to TSMC in 2023, but nothing is yet certain yet.


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