Samsung To Debut World’s First 3nm Chips On 25 July

With the first batch due to be delivered on July 25, Samsung will formally surpass TSMC in introducing their 3nm GAA chip technology to the market. Unfortunately, no manufacturer of smartphone chipsets will use the next-generation manufacturing process at this time. A month after their mass manufacturing started in June, these 3nm chips are all set to be shown to the public.

According to sources in the business and the government, Samsung plans to celebrate the first shipment of 3nm GAA chips on July 25 at its manufacturing facility in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province. The ceremony will be addressed by Kyung Kye-Hyun, President & CEO of Samsung’s Device Solution Division, and Lee Chang-yang, the minister of trade, industry, and energy.

Design of Samsung’s Latest 3nm Chip


The first shipment of 3nm chips will reportedly go to a Chinese cryptocurrency miner, according to BusinessKorea. The report claims that due to the current situation of the cryptocurrency market, Samsung isn’t going to rely too much on its Chinese cryptocurrency client in the long run.

“The buyer to receive the first batch is a Chinese cryptocurrency miner and it is a client that cannot be trusted in the long term given the current cryptocurrency market conditions. Besides, the 3-nm chips are produced not in Pyeongtaek but Hwaseong and this implies a relatively small scale of production in that Samsung Electronics’ finest equipment is in Pyeongtaek and Hwaseong is where it develops manufacturing technologies.”

In terms of smartphone chipsets, Samsung might mass produce the next Exynos 2300 using their 3nm GAA technology. The chip might be utilized in the forthcoming Galaxy S23 line, and perhaps Google will use a variation of it for the Pixel 8 family’s third-generation Tensor chip. In addition, Qualcomm might join in, but only if TSMC encounters issues with yield with its own 3nm technology.

However, unless a miracle occurs, the forthcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will be mass built entirely on TSMC’s 4nm technology and is expected to be introduced on November 2022


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