First Samsung 32 GB Memory DIMM Released, Allows Up To 128 GB On 4 Slot Motherboard

More Memory For All

The first Samsung 32 GB memory DIMM has been released and the company has not been too vocal about it but it is here. These new DIMMs are rated at DDR4-2666 at the standard voltage of 1.2 V. Samsung has not revealed the latency of the RAM but keeping in mind that the company is selling these to OEMs, it is safe to say that these operate at the standard CL17 17-17 or higher. This is something that we will be able to confirm in the near future.

Why does this Samsung 32 GB memory DIMM mean so much? The answer is pretty simple. Now you can use up to 128 GB RAM if your motherboard has 4 DIMM slots. But it is worth noting that motherboards and CPUs only validate 64 GB of RAM.

This is only a minor shortcoming and I am sure that either CPU and motherboard makers will add support to this generation or the upcoming generation will support 128 GB RAM from the start.

Samsung 32 GB memory DIMM
Samsung 32 GB memory DIMM

The Intel 9th generation is around the corner and word has it that the upcoming CPUs are going to be announced next month. It is possible that the upcoming CPUs will support 128 GB RAM out of the box. While there is no confirmation regarding the matter from Intel or Samsung, it would be a waste if the upcoming series does not support this.

Other than that it is also worth noting that RAM prices are very high right now and it is highly unlikely that the general consumer is going to buy the Samsung 32 GB memory DIMM in order to get to 128 GB.

I am sure that people are not going to use this amount of RAM keeping in mind that applications like games hardly use 16 GB. Other applications do not really use more than 32 GB of RAM.

So this is something for the workstation and server side of things unless you do not have enough DIMM slots and need to make do with just 2 in order to get up to max capacity. In that case, the Samsung 32 GB memory DIMM is something that you can look into.

Talha Amjad
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