Samsung to Start Mass Production of Its 2nd Gen 3nm GAA Process in 2024

Samsung recently started the initial shipment of its 1st Gen 3nm GAA process. The 2nd Gen process is rumoured to have mass shipment deployed in 2024.

No company has batted an eye to Samsung’s groundbreaking technology. Instead, they opted to stick with TSMC. This all may change when Samsung releases the second iteration of its 3nm GAA technology. The initial batch was targeted at cryptocurrency miners as a new process provides enhanced efficiency and lowers power consumption.

The S23 will not feature the ‘Exynos 2300‘. Samsung’s own try at a mobile SoC came with its fair share of problems such as overheating . Now it seems that Samsung may turn an eye to Exynos and utilize Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 already puts Apple’s silicon in a tight spot. Samsung plans for no loose ends this time.

One may ponder the question, “Why not Samsung?”. Well to answer that question, Samsung’s initial 4nm chips had a ‘yield‘ problem. This becomes a major concern in such a large industry where even the last nanometer matters. However, in a tweet from Sravan Kundojjala, he assures that Samsung may attract the attention of mobile phone manufacturers with their 2nd gen 3nm chips.

In comparison to the 5nm chips, Samsung’s new 3nm chips consume 50% less power while having a massive performance increase of upto 30%. Although, no comparison has been made against the 4nm chips, we can still expect an uplift.


Abdullah Faisal
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