SOLVED: Safari Crashes and Becomes Unresponsive on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)

Since the inception of Mac OS and the core software, Safari has been it’s core asset based on the WebKit protocol for web functionality. That being said, you’d expect it to be absolutely working at it’s dynamic and swift in response when connecting to a site. However since Yosemite or 10.10, every now and then, you may get infrequent crashes which you did not get on 10.9.

Safari may also have extensions installed. You may notice a plugin is causing an issue to have repetitive crashing. You can check these and uninstall, reinstall them with the latest versions of the extensions and try Safari again. The Preferences for Safari Extensions are in Safari – Preferences where this can be verified.

The first thing to do is Force Quit (Command + Alt + Escape). Restart the browser. Should that not work, then outlined are a list of steps to try:

Reboot Your Mac

Many applications become unresponsive  and crash simply because the computer has not been rebooted at all. Select the Apple Icon from the top left and choose Restart. The Mac will inform to close all open applications and restart the machine. Once the mac is back on, log back in and open just Safari.

safari crashes

If it still won’t work, try the next method.

Update Safari from App store

Having the latest updates helps in isolating the problem.

Click the Apple Icon from the top left and choose App Store (it will show the number of available updates).

Click on it and choose Updates or Update All. Reboot your Mac and test.

safari crashes 1

Clear the cache

Safari may have some redundant files, which is called cache that is kept on your computer. What you can do, is manually remove the cache. Open Finder -> Go and type the following path:


Then remove Safari caches manually by placing them into the Trash. Reboot.. Open Safari and test.

safari clear cache

Run Malwarebytes (after Safari opens up)

Click (here) to go to MB site and download Malwarebytes from there. Once it has been downloaded, open and run it. Key in your password for the Mac OS X and click Scan. After the scan finishes, and if it finds any malware you will be asked to reboot your Mac. Reboot it and you are good to go.

safari crashes 2

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SOLVED: Safari Crashes and Becomes Unresponsive on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)

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