Samsung S20 Camera Leaks: 8K Recording, 33MP Screen Capture Photos & Pet Support for Live Focus Shots

Seems like tech bloggers cannot keep their eyes or their hands off any leak that screams of the upcoming Galaxy S20 series. It’s not been that long that we got the entire picture (no pun intended) of the camera module, that now we know the specifics as well. In a rather detailed tweet by Ishan Agarwal, we get a clearer picture (pardon me) of the camera and what it can do.

Features That Are Teased-Leaked

As seen above in the tweet, there will be a huge 108-megapixel sensor on one of the devices in the line, the high end one of course. One great thing that comes with that would be 8K recording capability of the device. This would also allow the device to take screen captures during the shooting. The best part is: these screen captures would be 33-megapixel photos on their own.

Another feature is the multiple recording. With the advanced processor packed in the upcoming devices, they would push the Snapdragon 865 to its limits. While shooting from multiple lenses in tandem for portrait shots is common, the Samsung devices would be able to use multiple lenses to shoot media simultaneously. This would be done with a single tap of an on-screen button. Users would now be able to switch between the front and the back camera so swiftly, even while recording.

As for the portrait mode, that is one of the selling features now. The people at Samsung have made it better. Not only does the processing power of the Snapdragon 865 comes in but new features do as well. With the new camera sensor, live focus photos would be much better and pets are now recognized for the feature as well.

Lastly, the gallery is shaped up as well. Users can make a highlight reel of their favorite 60 photos and or videos. Additionally, the AI works to group pictures that share a common theme. This is quite convenient when you think about.

Sarmad Burki
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