AMD’s Upcoming RX 7900 Has Been Spotted, Comes with Dual 8-Pin Connectors

AMD’s upcoming RDNA 3 based Radeon RX 7900 has been spotted by @9550pro, who claims to have obtained the images from a private QQ chat group.

With its red board design and several voltage contact points, the card is obviously a prototype. What is evident, though, is that the three red stripes on the heatsink match the design AMD teased in late August.

Although the card is longer than the Radeon 6900 model, it has the same dual 8-pin power connector setup as the RDNA2 GPU. This could be either the Radeon 7900 XT or the high-end 7900 XTX since the cooler doesn’t appear to have room for additional power connectors. Both cards are likely to have the same triple-fan setup.

The backplate, which is included on all premium RDNA2 reference models, is conspicuously absent from this prototype, indicating that it is not the finished article. Additionally, the red PCB won’t be a problem; it will be replaced to black for sure.

According to a recent leak, only the most expensive RX 7900 XT and the brand-new 7900 XTX GPUs will feature the Navi31 GPU. It’s noteworthy because it’s been over 16 years since we last saw a ‘XTX’-branded GPU. Time flies by, for sure. The RX 7900 XT is said to contain 20GB of memory, compared to its 24GB XTX counterpart.

As of right now, AMD is scheduled to reveal its Radeon 7900 series on Thursday, with the product launch anticipated for early December. At least two cards, the 7900XT and 7900XTX, based on the Navi 31 GPU with RDNA3 architecture and a cutting-edge chiplet design, will be unveiled.


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