Russia Looks to Regain Its Position in the Gaming Industry Following Ukraine Crisis

When it comes to the video game industry, Russia is a major player, both in terms of game popularity and production. Following the Russia–Ukraine conflict, however, many multinational businesses, including game developers, left the country, forcing Russia to resort to other means to revive its gaming sector. One of the options that they are considering now is developing its own publisher like EA. But, why would they want that, you may ask?

With a powerhouse like Russia, it would seem that the country has no choice but to pursue the goal of “digital sovereignty” in the current scenario since the situation in Ukraine has unquestionably made this a necessity. While the idea of a national gaming engine was scrapped, the country is now planning to create its own publisher capable of creating games on par with those of EA and so bringing in revenue for the government.

According to a reputable Russian news site, Kommersant, they have received information that some game industry officials met with the Russian Ministry of Digital Development on December 15 to discuss the future of gaming in the country and establish teams and institutions that have the ability to restabilize the dying industry. It is strange however that a company like Electronic Arts was named at this level.

Furthermore, we learned that the company behind this ‘strategic development’ is called Rosgame and that its primary goals are to restore the Russian gaming sector to its pre-crisis state and then grow it even further. However, doing this would need immense planning and capital. These officials proposed three scenarios for the company to grow, each getting more and more absurd.

In the first, “stabilization scenario,” the company obtains a $7 billion investment, allowing it to expand and into the top 20 game development countries during the next seven years. The second scenario is the “ambitious scenario,” which would need an investment of $20 billion and would ultimately result in an “industry breakthrough.” 

The third scenario, which involves a vast, almost unimaginable $50 billion investment, is the most ambitious because it suggests using the gaming sector as a soft ‘power tool‘ to change or influence the world’s perception of the country.

Nonetheless, it appears highly improbable that these massive plans would even be approved, as Russia’s deputy PM for Tourism, Sport, Culture, and Communications, Dmitry Chernyshenko, also informed the site that there have been no decisions taken and that it is currently unknown how the projects would be funded.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, as the Ukraine conflict has had a significant impact on not only Russia’s gaming industry, but the entire economy, and it will need more than just investments to restore Russia to its previous position in the gaming industry.



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