RuneScape is Adding a New Archaeology Skill in January Next Year

RuneScape, Jagex’s popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game, is getting a brand new skill next year. Archaeology is the game’s 28th skill, and it involves excavating dig sites to uncover weapons and artifacts.


Featuring five new dig site locations spread across Gielnor, the new Archaeology skill has players digging up damaged treasure using Mattocks. Similar to the varying tiers of gathering tools, the mattocks are the tools used by RuneScape’s archaeologists to level up the skill by digging for loot. This is where the bulk of Archaeology experience can be obtained.

After finding said loot, the second part of Archaeology involves the restoration of these lost relics. Similar to Smithing and Fletching, manufacturing aspect of the new skill requires players to gather materials and repair broken artifacts.

Once an artifact has been cleaned and repaired, players should make their way to the revamped Varrock Dig Site. Here the player has to decide what to do with their newfound loot. As Jagex explains in their blog, there are a lot of options open to the player, and it all sounds very exciting.

“You can build a research team, again from some well known characters, who will work for you even when you’re not playing,” explains Jagex. “You can start getting your qualifications in Archaeology, completing feats that cover the entirety of the skill, and those qualifications will give you access to even more things. And you can master each of the dig sites in the game, as they all come with a central mystery to be resolved.”

As for the dig sites themselves, Jagex has introduced five new locations. The first is Kharid-Et in the Kharidian Desert, where players will kick off the Archaeology skill. The second and third dig sites are located underneath Mortyania and the Wilderness.

There’s a lot more coming to RuneScape alongside Archaeology in 2020. Unlike its old school counterpart, it seems that the idea of new skills in RuneScape 3 are much more welcomed.


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