Rumours on the Next iPhone Keeping the Lightning Port and the 5W In-Box Charger

Apple pioneered the true smartphone experience back in 2007. Since then, with every passing year, a new and better iPhone came out. Though Apple was keen to include new and innovative features, they always held the phone one or two steps behind its true potential. Back then the iPhone was paired with a camera but restricted to only capturing photos. This has been Apple’s game since day one. iPhones have had Bluetooth functionality since day one but weren’t allowed to connect or file share with other phones, back when Bluetooth file transfer was the thing. Fast-forwarding to 2019, Apple remains to be one of the few, if not only, manufacturers not to include a fast charger in the box. They fit their iPhones with the proprietary lightning port back in 2012 and refuse to update it to the latest industry standard: USB-C.

The Current ‘C’ituation

Last fall, Apple finally decided to load its latest iPad Pro with USB-C. This led many technology enthusiasts (we’ll refer to them as techies from here onwards) to believe that the 2019 iPhone would be equipped with it as well. Sadly though, Macotakara, a Japan-based site with connections to the Asian supply (have been responsible for many confirmed rumors) claimed that Apple would be continuing with the lighting port on their next iPhone. Adding to their claims, Apple would be shipping the new iPhones with the same 5W chargers. These chargers, obviously, do not support fast charging and are a pain.

iPhone XS
iPhone XS: What’s in the box

In apples struggle to cut costs, they are depriving their users of a good experience. Perhaps, one would assume that a billion dollar company would not stoop so low. While companies like OnePlus introduce new ways to fast charge their devices, Apple continues to charge a whopping 29$ for the 18W USB-C Power Delivery charger and an extra 19$ for the USB-C to lightning cable. That rounds up the total to about 50$!

18W charger
Apple 18W USB-C charger

One may assume that they do so to cut costs and give a product which is easier on the wallet. It should not be forgotten though that the cheapest iPhone on the Apple website costs $749. Adding taxes and fifty dollars for the fast charging peripherals and we come to a ballpark of about $900. Even in today’s market, that’s a lot of money. After this though, just when you think you’ve gotten the complete package, splurging in some extra cash for the charger. You open the box to find no lightning to 3.5mm dongle for all your existing non-Apple headphones.

The Verdict

The charger situation may have been unforgivable (only the slightest) had Apple put in the best batteries on their devices. Sadly though, this is not the case. Your best bet is to either go for the iPhone XS Max to get a day-long battery or to compromise on display quality and a dual camera system by going for the XR. If not that, one may also splurge out $129 for their battery cases. Yes, they boast excellent quality but that alone fails to justify the price tag.

Perhaps this is just a rumor and Apple is, in fact, ready to introduce the new system to the upcoming iPhones. Perhaps there are other reasons than cost-cutting that Apple continues to hold back their products from their true potential. Perhaps this is the reason why iPhone sales have taken a sharp turn for the worse lately. As rival manufacturers continue to accommodate their customers for the best, Apple continues to make its brand a premium entity. In any case, the people at Apple need to address this issue and start making certain changes if they want to remain on top, in the long run.

Sarmad Burki
Sarmad Burki is a Mathematician and a Economist with a passion for all things gaming and tech. His academics and professional experience combined with tech and gaming adds to his skills giving him a unique ability to observe the tech and gaming industry from various prespectives.

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Rumours on the Next iPhone Keeping the Lightning Port and the 5W In-Box Charger

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