Rumored iPad Air 4 Shows Redesigned Full-Screen Touch ID in the Power Button

It has USB-C and thin bezels.

In a leak reported by @lovetodream earlier this year, it showed that Apple would release a newly redesigned iPad Air model with a full-screen design. It also showed a Touch ID power button. It was also predicted that the new 10.8-inch iPad would be available in the fall.

DuanRuin shared on Twitter today that the next iPad Air will have a complete makeover. In a leaked manual, the design of the new iPad Air takes its inspiration from the iPad Pro. That is, it has extremely slim bezels with rounded corners. It shows that it has no home button.


The leak also shows that the Touch ID remains. However, it won’t be on its usual spot. Rather, you will find it in the power button that appears to be elongated. The iPad Pro utilizes the TrueDepth camera system. It also integrates Face ID for authentication. However, in the leak, it shows that it won’t have a Face ID feature.

The leaked manual also shows USB-C. It will be the first time for a non-Pro iPad to have that feature. On the back, it has a smart connector that looks like the current iPad Air. It also has a single rear camera. It may also have an A13 chip with less storage while supporting the older Smart keyboard.

However, the leaked shared images might not be final. Although the images and features do line up with past rumors.

Apple is making its iPad a real computer. It also increases its screen size by transforming bezels into screen real estate. Rumors have it that the new iPad will have a 10.8-inch screen. It is slightly bigger than the current one.

The next-generation iPad models may launch next month as Prosser reported earlier. However, the models will be unveiled through a press release. The company seems to avoid hoisting an event to launch these products. We can expect the press release to start on September 7.

The iPad Air 4 could launch in September along with Apple Watch Series 6. However, the company is not saying anything about the launch dates. But we all know that Apple uses September as the month to launch its latest products. That said, we don’t have to wait for too long before we can confirm whether or not those leaks are legitimate.

If the leaks are true, this new iPad would be Apple’s next popular product. It will have a starting price of $499. It will be an alternative to the entry-level model that comes with a home button and the more expensive Pro. The latest iPad will have a modern design with a great form factor.

But if you wish to upgrade your iPad Mini, no luck for you this September.

Apple might also announce a game controller and it might be launching this year or in 2021.


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