Rumor: Rainbow Six Siege Adding New Secondary Weapon That Fires Explosives Bullets

With the reveal of Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist imminent, most of the leaks and datamined information from last year appears to be accurate. Details about the new Argentinian attacking operator Flores and his gadget have been uncovered, though it seems Ubisoft has something unique planned for other attackers too.

According to dataminer Benjaminstrike, year 6 season 1 will add a new type of secondary weapon that shoots explosive rounds. The leaker, who correctly guessed the name of the new season, claims that the GONNE-6 Hand Cannon is a new secondary pistol for attackers that will be added to Rainbow Six Siege this year. The secondary weapon “shooting explosive bullets” will be added to the loadout of a “couple of existing attack operators”.

While the exact specifications of the weapon are unknown, it seems that the main use of the hand cannon would be to destroy bulletproof defender gadgets such as Maestro Evil Eyes, Goyo shields, and secondary gadgets like barbed wire and deployable shields. Although there is no gameplay of the weapon as of yet, Benjamin notes that we can expect to see it in-game in season 1 or season 2 of this year.

Considering how Rainbow Six Siege’s arsenal on defense has grown into an array of bulletproof gadgets, it makes sense that Ubisoft would want an easier way for attackers to deal with it. Instead of adding new operators to balance the game, it seems the developers are shifting to a more general approach by introducing non-operator specific gadgets.

If the information above is accurate, this would be Rainbow Six Siege’s first standalone secondary weapon. Previously, new operators including both attackers and defenders would launch with new primary and secondary weapons, though that trend died in year 4. The stream of new content has not stopped, however, as recently we saw the addition of the proximity alarm secondary gadget for defenders and a hard breach gadget for attackers.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist will be revealed on February 21st.


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