Rumor: Rainbow Six Siege is Taking Away Doc’s ACOG

With Rainbow Six Siege halfway through its first season of its fourth year, players are anxiously waiting for Ubisoft to follow through with its controversial mid-season patch. The Y5S1.2 patch is bringing with it a couple of disputed changes, such as a huge nerf to Jager, Goyo, and Buck. However, newly-discovered leaks regarding Y5S2 suggest that developer Ubisoft has something much more controversial planned for season two.

According to a post on the official subreddit, Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming patch will make signficant balancing changes to five operators. The original post was in Chinese, and as with all leaks, there’s no way to verify its authenticity unless we see the news straight from the developers.


The next season of Rainbow Six Siege will remove the ACOG from MP5 and P90. In addition, alongside Jager, the French medic will soon be made a two-armor two-speed operator. Furthermore, Doc’s Bulletproof Camera will be replaced by Impact Grenades.

As one of the game’s oldest and most iconic operators, the Doc change will definitely spark a debate about the recent shift in Ubisoft’s balancing policy.


Next up, Blitz is receiving a red-dot scope unique to his pistol in addition to a buff to his ADS time. This buff should increase the shield operator’s effectiveness slightly, but it’s not as significant as some of the other changes we’ve seen.


Launched only a few seasons ago in Ember Rise, Amaru is an extremely underpicked attacker due to her gadget being quite situational. If the rumors are true, Ubisoft is planning to the buff the Garra Hook gadget so that it can “fly indoors”. It’s not exactly clear how this mechanic would work, but there’s no doubt that Amaru is in need of some sort of change.

Some of the other changes include Nokk receiving an ACOG for her FMG9. Jackal will also lose his ITA12S secondary shotgun, crippling his ability to open soft hatches. The leak claims that other balance changes include Jager gaining a Nitro Cell, IQ gaining Smoke Grenades, and breaching charges reduced to two down from three.

As for its authenticity, the only this leak has going for it is the claim that Ubisoft will change the Russian optics into regular ones. This is something the developer has confirmed to be part of its future plans for the Russian operators, so it’s possible that the leaked patch notes may have some truth to them.


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