Rumor: European Pack For Planet Zoo Might Be On Its Way

The last piece of the puzzle!

Yesterday, Gears 5 had extra content mined on SteamDB, that pointed to a campaign DLC. Likewise, today Planet Zoo was also spotted on SteamDB having new files mined.

If you don’t know about SteamDB. This is a website that has real-time updates about the game distributing platform Steam. Apart from real updates, there are other things too that include stats, depots, packages, Steam charts, and much more that you wouldn’t normally see on the official site.

Planet Zoo is only available on Steam

Back to topic. Well, new Planet Zoo content has been mined on Steam. The file does not have any specific name. As of yet it only says “Unknown App 1383610”. However, we all know that this file can only be a DLC because all the files uploaded below this one go in the continental sequence that is already part of the game.

Earlier this year, a Reddit user Evaca leaked the roadmap of Frontier Development, developers of Planet Zoo. The user published a whole set of data collected through his friend, that worked as a technical artist in Frontier. The leak mentioned a lot of upcoming projects, but most importantly It mentioned: “DLC packs every 3 months or so with the first being around December for Planet Zoo”.

At that time, this leak was heavily criticized, but so far it has gotten everything right. We first saw the Arctic Pack announced. Afterward, South American Pack also made its way, and a few months ago Australian Pack was also released in the three-month sequence.

Animals from European Countries missing in Planet Zoo

Other than this, we all know that a bulk of European Animals are missing from Planet Zoo. Players have often brought the lack of European Animal issues to the forums, and it seems that Frontier would now solve the puzzle.

The file can still be seen on the SteamDB site, and right now there aren’t any official announcements about this.


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