RTX 5090 May Feature a 512-Bit Memory Interface & The RTX 4090 Ti is No Longer in the Works

Kopite has unveiled a lot of information regarding NVIDIA’s upcoming plans for the mainstream GPU market. Starting off, NVIDIA has scraped all plans for the RTX 4090 Ti, which has been spotted many times. Similarly, the RTX 5090, the next-gen flagship could feature a 512-bit memory interface for 48GB of GDDR7 memory.

RTX 5090 to Feature a 512-Bit Interface

Currently, we know almost nothing regarding NVIDIA’s upcoming GPU lineup, set to launch in 2025. Even the codename is unknown, so we can only guess the specifications. If we assume that Ada Lovelace Next will use GDDR7 memory, then the RTX 5090 could boast a massive 48GB of memory.

GDDR7 has the potential to offer 3GB (24Gb) per chip. Each memory chip consumes 32 bits of the memory bus, for a total of 16 minimum memory chips on the RTX 5090 (512 bits / 32 ). Theoretically, this means that the RTX 5090 could ship with 48GB (16 memory chips * 3 GB) of VRAM.

GDDR7 | Micron

Micron currently plans to unveil no GDDR7X variant, specific for NVIDIA. Therefore, it is safe to assume that NVIDIA will opt for the highest-end configuration (3GB per chip). Speaking of the effective bandwidth, GDDR7 will offer speeds of up to 32Gbps, which equates to 2048GB/s. This is more than twice what the RTX 4090 packs.

RTX 4090 Ti Cancelled

Kopite further confirms that the RTX 4090 Ti has been axed. The RTX 4090 Ti was expected to feature the full-fat AD102 die with all 144 SMs enabled. The specifications varied a lot since NVIDIA was probably trying all possible configurations. Though, as the GPU will never see the light of day, we can only guess at this point.

SKUChipFP32/CUDASMsMax ClockCacheMemory BusVRAMMemory SpecSpeed (Gbps)TDP
RTX 40 TitanAD102-450184321443.0GHz+?96MB38448GBGDDR6 ECC800W
AD102 Die | NVIDIA


The next generation of GeForce GPUs succeeding RTX 40 should arrive in Q1 2025. Possibly termed ‘Blackwell’, we currently know the following details (Not Official):

  • Support for GDDR7
  • Up to 48GB of Memory
  • A 512-bit memory interface for the flagship
  • TSMC N3
  • Monolithic Design
  • More Expensive?

Since Ada-next is almost one and a half years away from us, an RTX 40 refresh could be on the cards. Although, we have seen no leaks supporting this claim.


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