NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 Series to Skip GB204 GPU, Introduction of New GB205 Variant

Multiple sources allege that NVIDIA is not planning a successor to its current AD104 GPU. RTX 50 will not feature a GB204 GPU, instead, NVIDIA plans to launch a new GB205 chip.

NVIDIA to Skip GB204 GPU

The next generation of GeForce GPUs will utilize the wildcard GBXX, replacing the current ADXX. Here XX refers to the name of the GPU like AD102 (RTX 4090). The lower the number, the higher the specifications. NVIDIA makes a modest number of dies to encompass its offerings around all segments of the market.

The XX107, XX106 dies are aimed at the low-end market. Similarly, the high-end XX102, and XX103 dies are made specifically for the generation’s Halo products. Following this trend, today’s news comes from Videocardz who has sourced this news primarily from Chiphell and is backed up by HXL and Kopite.

NVIDIA to Skip GB204 | Chiphell

The ‘104’ GPU is made for the mid-range segment. AD104 powers the RTX 4070, GA104 powers the RTX 3070, and so on. However, the ‘RTX 5070‘ may not see such a treatment. It might be based on GB205 or GB203, depending on team green.

If we go over the current rumored lineup, it seems that GB102 and GB103 are planned for the high-end market. This segmentation change may lead to fewer cores on the GB205 GPU as compared to a hypothetical ‘GB204’, though that’s pure speculation.

The Need for GB205

It is no surprise that NVIDIA also plans to change its lineup, just days after we saw Navi41, 42 cancellation rumors. As RDNA4 will be similar to RDNA1, NVIDIA simply does not need to compete in the high-end. It could also be possible that the RTX 5070 is based on GB203, instead of GB205 to better compete against the Radeon RX 8700 XT.

In any case, the GeForce RTX 50 series is rumored to arrive in 2025. The RTX 5090 will make use of a 512-bit memory interface, which theoretically allows for 2TB/s of effective bandwidth. We also expect a 48GB GDDR7 memory configuration. Although this design might be reserved for the Titan since AMD will not launch a 5090 competitor any time soon.

GenerationAda LovelaceAda-Next
Process NodeTSMC N4TSMC N3?
XX102AD102 (RTX 4090)GB202
XX103AD103 (RTX 4080)GB203
XX104AD104 (RTX 4070)
XX106AD106 (RTX 4060 Ti)GB206
XX107AD107 (RTX 4060)GB207

Source: Chiphell, Videocardz


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