NVIDIA RTX 4090 Already Available For Pre-Order, Priced At Over $2500

While we are waiting for the official showcase of the RTX 4090 by NVIDIA, some retailers in Vietnam have already put up the RTX 4090 for pre-orders. The retailer in question today is AZPC workstation. When the RTX 3090 was about to release, Vietnamese retailers had the same price for this GPU as well. 


The ‘BasicRTX 4090, most probably the FE (Founders Edition) is priced at 50 Million VND which is equivalent to $2100. If you opt for the premium variant, which most likely is an AIB version, expect to pay more than $2500. If we take into consideration the fact that the RTX 3090 was priced in the same territory, then the RTX 4090 on retail could cost you somewhere around ~$1500.


The RTX 4090 from Lovelace ships with the AD102 GPU packed with 24GB of GDDR6X Memory. The past few days have been full of leaks;

RTX 4090 Quad Slot Design | Baidu

We expect to see an official announcement from NVIDIA themself on the 20th of September at their upcoming GTC Keynote. The initial launch lineup should only consist of the RTX 4090, RTX 4080 & the RTX 4070. Stay tuned at Appuals for more information.

SKUChipFP32/CUDAMax ClockCacheMemory BusVRAMMemory SpecSpeed (Gbps)TDP
RTX 4000 TitanAD102-450181763.0GHz+?96MB?384/382-bit48GBGDDR6X24~800W
RTX 4090 TiAD102-350184323.0 GHz?96MB382-bit24GBGDDR6X24600W?
RTX 4090AD102-300163843.0GHz+96MB382-bit24GBGDDR6X23450W
RTX 4080 TiAD10214848?2.7 GHz?80MB?320-bit20GBGDDR6X23420W
RTX 4080AD103-300102403.2 GHz?64MB256-bit16GBGDDR6X23320W
RTX 4080 (Variant 1)AD103-300-A197283.1GHz?48MB256-bit16GBGDDR6X23320W
RTX 4080 (Variant 2)AD103-30097283.1GHz?48MB?256-bit/192-bit12GBGDDR6X23?
RTX 4080 (Variant 2 by Kopite)AD104-400?76803.0GHz+??256-bit/192-bit12GBGDDR6X21285W
RTX 4070 TiAD104-400?76803.0GHz??192-bit12GBGDDR6X21300W?
RTX 4070 (Original)AD104-275?76802.7GHz+?192-bit12GBGDDR6X21285W
RTX 4070 (New)AD104-275?71682.6GHz??160-bit10GBGDDR6X21250W

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