RTX 4090 Can Crack Your Password Twice As Fast As Any Other GPU

Password cracker and security researcher Sam Croley published benchmarks showcasing the RTX 4090′s power. The RTX 3090‘s previous benchmark records were broken by NVIDIA’s newest flagship GPU, which also quadrupled performance for virtually all algorithms examined. The broken passwords used security best practices and had a mixture of random letter and number cases.

Croley tweeted that the massive GPU was tested against the well-known NTLM authentication system from Microsoft and the Bcrypt password-hacking feature. Hashcat v6.2.6 was used for all of the experiments in benchmark mode. System administrators, cybersecurity experts, and hackers utilize Hashcat, a well-known and extensively used password-cracking program, to test or infer user passwords.


According to the test results, a fully equipped password hashing machine with eight RTX 4090 GPUs would have the computational ability to cycle through all 200 billion iterations of an eight-character password in 48 minutes. The sub-hour performance beats the RTX 3090‘s previous record by 2.5. Only commercially available GPU hardware and associated software were used for both benchmark tests. 

The Hashcat program offers a variety of attack methods that may help with password recovery or, depending on the user, allow unwanted access to other people’s accounts. Dictionary attacks, combinator attacks, mask attacks, rule-based assaults, and brute force attacks are examples of these attack types. The benchmark results may seem alarming, but it’s vital to remember that the technique could only have a small number of practical use cases. Numerous attacks made possible by Hashcat and other password-cracking technologies may profit from predictable human actions that often lead to inadequate security procedures.

NVIDIA’s debut of the RTX 4090 graphics card is a major one in terms of both hard-core gaming and synthetic performance. It includes the optimal version necessary to play any game with the highest available settings while still having a fluid experience on the whole. Nevertheless, the product’s steep cost puts off a number of customers. 

Source: Techspot 


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