NVIDIA RTX 4090 Clocked At 3.0GHz While Consuming Upwards Of 600W Of Power

NVIDIA’s RTX 4090 is the talk of the town nowadays. With a retail date planned for the 12th of October, these GPUs are currently under testing by reviewers. A while ago, the RTX 4080 16GB’s benchmarks were leaked putting it 30% ahead of the RTX 3090 Ti. Staying on topic, the RTX 4090 is marketed as a 2-4x improvement over the 3090 Ti. However, this figure is slightly misleading due to the use of DLSS 3.0.

RTX 4090 At 3.0GHz

HXL on Twitter shared 2 pictures from bilibili allegedly showing the RTX 4090 clocked at 3.0GHz. This is not new because NVIDIA themselves claimed it ran above 3.0GHz while testing.

Ada is incredibly energy efficient, over twice the performance at the same power as Ampere and you can really push Ada! We have overclocked Ada past 3 GHz in our labs.

~Jensen Huang

The first picture shows the RTX 4090 being stress-tested in MSI Kombustor. The GPU clocks in at 3.0GHz, which is on using a water chiller. The GPU power draw remains relatively lower at just 425.6W. No temperature figure was given by the leaker, possibly due to the NDA concerns. 

RTX 4090 at 3.0GHz | bilibili

Another test was conducted using the same software. This time the RTX 4090 clocks at 2.64GHz, however, the power draw increases by 44% at 616W. Fret not, for this is still shy of the max TGP (660W). Such high clocks and power consumptions do beg the question. Do you really need a heater this winter? 

RTX 4090 Using 615W of Power | bilibili

The RTX 4090

The RTX 4090 is built on the AD102 GPU, which is unparalleled in terms of performance. The GPU features a massive 24GB of Samsung-made GDDR6X memory running at 24Gbps for 1152GB/s of effective bandwidth. Packed with 16384 CUDA Cores, this powerhouse is home to 75 billion transistors in total, more than 2.5x than the RTX 3090 Ti. Priced at $1599, it has raised a few eyebrows from community. Read more about the 4090 here

SKUChipFP32/CUDAMax ClockCacheMemory BusVRAMMemory SpecSpeed (Gbps)TDP
RTX 4000 Titan?AD102-450181763.0GHz+?96MB?384/382-bit48GBGDDR6X24~800W
RTX 4090 TiAD102-350184323.0 GHz?96MB382-bit24GBGDDR6X24600W?
RTX 4090AD102-300-A1163842.52GHz96MB384-bit24GBGDDR6X21450W+ (TGP) / 660W (Max TGP)
RTX 4080 TiAD10214848?2.7 GHz?80MB?320-bit20GBGDDR6X23420W
RTX 4080 (Variant 1)AD103-300-A197282.505GHz64MB256-bit16GBGDDR6X22.5320W(TGP)/ 516W (Max TGP)
RTX 4080 (Variant 2)AD104-400-A176802.61GHz48MB192-bit12GBGDDR6X21285W (TGP) /366W (Max TGP)
RTX 4070 TiAD104-300?76803.0GHz??192-bit12GBGDDR6X21300W?
RTX 4070 AD104-275?7168??160-bit10GBGDDR6X21250W
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