NVIDIA’s RTX 4090 is Twice as Powerful as the RTX 3090

On Twitter, @kopite7kimi has just shared the allegedly leaked benchmark of NVIDIA’s upcoming Ada Lovelace based RTX 4090 SKU.

The benchmark supposedly indicates that the RTX 4090 scores more than 19000 points in Time Spy whereas last generation’s flagship GPU, the RTX 3090 FE scores just 9955 points in the same test. These results show that the RTX 4090 has a ~90% performance lead over its Ampere counterpart.

RTX 3090’s Score For Reference | Sebastian Castellanos 

These benchmarks should be taken with a grain of salt as one result never tells us the full story and the RTX 4090 may lag behind in various other benchmarks. Similarly, the actual gaming performance is still unknown. 

From this leak, we can make out that Lovelace may have a significant performance increase as the RTX 4090 consumes upto 450W of power (rumour) which is 35% more than the 3090’s TDP while providing nearly 90% more performance. 

RTX 4000 Series Leaked Specs

The RTX 4090 reportedly features a cut-down variant of the AD102 chip, so it is safe to assume that the full fledged AD102 used in the 4090 Ti will pose a serious threat to AMD’s RDNA 3 based GPUs unleashing the full power of Lovelace.

NVIDIA is set to release its next-gen flagship SKUs sometime in the next few months. Therefore, more leaks and comparisons are expected as time goes on.


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