The RTX 4080 Now Ships With a Different AD103 Variant

A while back, we heard rumors that NVIDIA is planning to change the GPU used on its RTX 4080. Today, Videocardz has confirmed this thanks to Gainward’s new RTX 4080. 

A New RTX 4080

HKEPC reported that in some time the RTX 4080 will shift to AD103-301. The RTX 4080 launched by NVIDIA initially used the AD103-300 GPU. To end users, the difference will be minimal but it will help AIB partners reduce costs. In fact, the leaker also gave us some information regarding the RTX 4070

Don’t worry because the specifications for the RTX 4080 will not change. It will still feature 9728 Cuda Cores along with a boost clock of 2.505GHz. This change is merely to facilitate the AIBs. 

GAINWARD RTX 4080 With AD103-301 | Videocardz

Now, this may or may not reflect a change in the prices for consumers. Seeing how things are, if AMD doesn’t respond with Navi32, NVIDIA may not feel forced to lower the RTX 4080’s price. 

Videocardz further confirms that the RTX 4070 will use the AD104-251/250 GPU. AD104-251 will enter production a few weeks after the AD104-250 variant. Their sources indicate that this revision will reduce costs slightly but not that much. In fact, this corresponds to our previous leak regarding the specs of the RTX 4070. It will most likely arrive in the next few months. If things go south, NVIDIA will likely announce it at Computex 2023.

The RTX 4070 will be equipped with NVIDIA’s AD104-251/250 GPU, arriving with 5888 Cuda Cores. This equates to 76SMs. In addition, we will see 36MB of cache which is a huge increase over Ampere. Over a 192-bit memory bus, it will have 12GB of 21Gbps memory for 502GB/s of memory bandwidth. We expect it to cost $649, but don’t take our word for it. The RTX 4070 will arrive in FE flavors as hinted by a previous leak. Read more about that here



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