Aftermath Of The RTX 4080 12GB’s Cancellation, NVIDIA Reportedly Subsidizing AIB Partners

NVIDIA recently ‘unlaunched‘ their RTX 4080 12GB taking the industry by storm. This was a major decision citing the immense criticism and backlash they received. The RTX 4080 12GB is not just a cut-down variant of its 16GB counterpart. It features, or featured a completely different GPU along with 20% less shading units. The performance was sub-par when put up against the RTX 3090 Ti from last gen. 

‘Unlaunching’ the RTX 4080 12GB

After the RTX 4080 12GB was cancelled, many wondered what became of these GPUs. Considering the fact that these chips are already in AIB GPUs, there was some conern regarding the fate of this SKU. However, Gamer’s Nexus shed some light on this topic.

Reportedly, partners already have the boxes packed with the ‘12GB‘ SKU and ready to go. The cards have paint on back of them which may potentially harm customers as highlighted by Gamer’s Nexus. Suppose, the RTX 4080 12GB relaunches as an RTX 4070 Ti. Inevitably, some of the older boxes featuring the 4080 12GB (Now, the 4070 Ti) will fall into the hands of a few retailers.

This means that, consumers may end up buying a GPU tagged as the RTX 4080 (on the box). But in reality, it turns out to be an RTX 4070 Ti (If this SKU gets downgraded). Surely, there will be a proper control over these ‘already-made’ GPUs. Although, things may go south in certain cases.

Compensation for the Partners

Gamer’s Nexus has confirmed from their sources that all the boxes are being collected and destroyed. In addition, NVIDIA is also compensating the AIB partners for the boxes. This is partly because the ‘screw up’ is at NVIDIA’s end this time. 

The Fate of this GPU

We believe that most AIB partners were caught off-guard based on how NVIDIA made this abrupt change. When commenting on whether a price reduction is expected, one partner company told Gamer’s Nexus;

They’re (NVIDIA) not that stupid.

~Partner To Gamer’s Nexus

Similarly, we will also see a name change. This is the part where we sit down and guess until NVIDIA makes an official announcement. One possibility is that, the GPU could receive cut-down specifications by flashing the BIOS.

A driver-level implementation is also possible, akin to LHR. However, that may end up being bypassed by hackers. Do bear in mind that this is the worst-case scenario where NVIDIA will reduce the specs of the actual GPU, offsetting the positive feedback they received.  

Release Date

A few sources told Gamer’s Nexus that the rebranded RTX 4080 12GB will allegedly launch sometime around CES 2023. It may end up launching as an RTX 4070 or an RTX 4070 Ti. Similarly, by the same time we may also see the RTX 4060 and possibly even the RTX 4050, which has been pictured

SKUChipFP32/CUDASMsMax ClockCacheMemory BusVRAMMemory SpecSpeed (Gbps)TDP
RTX 4000 TitanAD102-450184321443.0GHz+?96MB?384/382-bit48GBGDDR6X24~800W
RTX 4090 TiAD102-350181761423.0 GHz?96MB382-bit24GBGDDR6X24600W?
RTX 4090AD102-300-A1163841282.52GHz96MB384-bit24GBGDDR6X21
450W+ (TGP) / 660W (Max TGP)
RTX 4080 TiAD102148481162.7 GHz?80MB?320-bit20GBGDDR6X23420W
RTX 4080 (16GB)AD103-300-A19728762.505GHz64MB256-bit16GBGDDR6X22.5
320W(TGP)/ 516W (Max TGP)
RTX 4070 Ti (4080 12GB Revamped)AD104-400-A17680602.61GHz48MB192-bit12GBGDDR6X21
285W (TGP) /366W (Max TGP)?
RTX 4070 AD104-300?7168562.61GHz?48MB?192-bit/160-bit12GB?GDDR6X21?
RTX 4060 TiAD1046656523.2 GHz?40MB?160-bit10GBGDDR6X (?)18220W
RTX 4060AD1064352343.0 GHz?32MB128-bit8GBGDDR6X (?)18180W
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