NVIDIA RTX 4080 and 4070 Leaked to Have Lower TDPs

If we take a look at NVIDIA’s Lovelace, the RTX 4080 and the RTX 4070 can be seen making headlines every week. These GPUs deliver insane performance levels and the cherry on the cake is that they now have lower TDPs.

Initially, the RTX 4070 (old spec-based) was on par with NVIDIA’s RTX 3080 in leaked TSE benchmarks. Some hints pointed towards this SKU beating out the 3080 Ti, but they were just rumours. A while back, The 4070 was revised again and such specifications led to a boost in performance, making it comparable to the RTX 3090 Ti.

For reference purposes:

RTX 4070 Old vs New

The new RTX 4070 was quite similar to the RTX 4070 Ti, now it has been rumoured that the 4070 Ti refresh may launch next year with GDDR7 memory. However, we do not have any source to support such claims.

We compiled performance per watt charts for various leaked Lovelace GPUs. The RTX 4070 here is assumed to have TSE score of ~11,000 points (New Variant) and a now old TDP of 300W.

Performance per watt Ampere vs Lovelace

Breaking the silence, kopite on Twitter shared the leaked total card power of the RTX 4080 and the RTX 4070.

That’s a massive decrease for the 4080 (From 420W320W). Although, not official but these power consumption numbers speak trouble for RDNA 3.

As for the updated charts, the new RTX 4080 in particular is looking the most efficient. At just 320W, it delivers nearly twice the performance of an RTX 3080 (~8000).

Performance per watt Ampere vs Lovelace Updated

A possible 4080 Ti in the making

KittyYYuko shared the specifications of an unknown SKU from NVIDIA using the AD102-250 chip. This may be the RTX 4080 Ti featuring a massive 20GB of G6X memory running across a whopping 320-bit memory bus (21 Gbps speed). The effective bandwidth comes out to be 840GB/s. This may feature G7 memory (as rumoured before) and will launch next year.

NVIDIA’s Lovelace Lineup so far

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