NVIDIA’s Upcoming RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 TSE Benchmarks Leaked, RTX 4070 On Par With the 3080

Recently, in a tweet, kopite7kimi shared leaked benchmarks of the upcoming RTX 4070 and the RTX 4080 in TimeSpy using the Extreme preset.

The RTX 4070 has a massive score of around ~10000 points which puts it above the even the RTX 3080 scoring 9288 (OC version). This shows that Lovelace offers a massive uplift in performance as compared to Ampere.

The cherry on the top is the fact that the RTX 4080 scores more than 15000 points, putting it above the RTX 3090 Ti’s world record of 14977 points

Ampere vs Lovelace

Do note that the higher end RTX 4090 scores more than 19000 points in the same test, crushing the competition. 

To show relative performance, we compiled a few charts and Lovelace’s offerings are actually breathtaking.

Various leaks have shown that the RTX 4080 consumes a whopping 400W of power, whereas its little brother, the RTX 4070 consumes 300W. This is a big jump from Ampere, however, the performance per watt that Lovelace provides makes up for this.

Power Consumption Lovelace vs Ampere

The performance per watt metrics of Lovelace are to say the least, mind blowing. All along we thought that Lovelace will be a power hog, even if it is, we will get massive performance gains. It seems that with every extra watt the RTX 4000 GPUs consume, they squeeze out extra performance. Impressive!

Performance per watt Ampere vs Lovelace

The RTX 4080 will utilize the AD103-300 GPU featuring 10240 Cuda Cores which is 17% more than the 3080. The RTX 4070 is supposedly going to make use of the AD104-275 GPU featuring an impressive 7168 Cuda cores. No rumours/performance benchmarks have been leaked for the RTX 4060/4060 Ti showing that they may be shipped later on. 

There are also talks of a possible Titan/4090 Ti+ GPU which will harness the full potential of the AD102-450 chip although while consuming ~800W of power.

NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace Rumoured Lineup

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