The Specifications For NVIDIA’s RTX 4070 Changes, Once Again

It seems as if NVIDIA is having a hard time deciding the right configuration for its RTX 4070 SKU. The GPU has been through various changes such as TDP adjustments, score increments, core count decrease and such. Kopite on Twitter shared ‘2’ possible configurations for the RTX 4070.

A Recap

Before things get really confusing, lets start with the initial specs. The RTX 4070 from NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace lineup at first was leaked to feature 10GB of GDDR6X memory running across a 160-bit bus. The GPU had 7168 Cuda cores.

  • 4070 (10GB , 160-bit bus, 7168 Cuda Cores)

The Previous Changes

The RTX 4070 was changed every now and then. Some major changes include a massive memory increase. Now there has been no official change in the bus width. However, many enthusiasts pointed out that a 160-bit wide memory bus will not suffice for a GPU like the 4070. You can read more about this change here.

  • 4070 (12GB, 192-bit bus, 7680 Cuda Cores, 300W)

After that, we came across a slight decrease in the TDP (From 300W285W). 

  • 4070 (12GB, 192-bit bus, 7680 Cuda Cores, 285W) 

The RTX 4070 Ti

We currently do not have updated GPU specs for NVIDIA’s RTX 4070 Ti. However, it will use the full fat AD104 GPU (RTX 4070 non-Ti will use the cut-down variant). 

  • Possible RTX 4070 Ti (12GB, 192-bit, 7680 Cuda Cores, 300W?)

I know what you’re thinking. This is awfully similar to the RTX 4070 (non-Ti) highlighted in bold above. However, the 4070 Ti’s specs may change in the future. Now lets move onto to today’s leaks.

A Major Dilemma

Kopite shared some specifications for the RTX 4070 on Twitter (yet again). This time, we have ‘2’ possible specifications.

In short, remember our final 4070’s specifications (Marked in bold above)? That remains the same, however, we now have another contestant.

  1. 4070 (12GB, 192-bit bus, 7680 Cuda Cores, 285W) [Original]
  2. 4070 (10GB, 192-bit/160-bit bus, 7168 Cuda Cores, 250W) [New]

As I said above, the bus-width is still a question mark. It could either be 160-bits or 192 bits (We chose 192-bits as it made the most sense). 

What Does This Mean?

One of these specifications is the imposter. We’ll just have to pick the odd one out. The only way to know more is to wait for NVIDIA’s RTX 4000 reveal which may occur sometime in October. However, a GTC Keynote by Jensen Huang is scheduled for the 20th of September.

NVIDIA Lovelace Lineup

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