RTX 4060 Ti to Feature a 160W TDP, Lower Than the RTX 3060 Ti

Hardware leaker Kopite has provided an update regarding the specifications of the RTX 4060 Ti. The TDP has now been revised from 220W down to just 160W

RTX 4060 Ti Update

NVIDIA recently announced the RTX 4070 Ti with no information regarding the RTX 4070. However, we already know that NVIDIA is keen on releasing this GPU sometime in the future. More on that here. Today’s topic, however, is the RTX 4060 Ti.

Shipping with the AD106-350-A1 GPU, the RTX 4060 Ti features 4352 Cuda Cores. The noteworthy part here is that this GPU utilizes GDDR6, not GDDR6X memory. This makes it the first Ada Lovelace GPU to feature non-G6X memory. The power consumption on the other hand has dropped from 220W down to just 160W. That is a huge change and a sigh of relief for those worried about their electricity bills.

In fact, the RTX 4060 Ti now will consume less power than an RTX 3060 Ti. This is quite the change by NVIDIA and we may possibly see a sub-100W GPU as well, though that’s just speculation. Team red will have some serious competition as Navi32 is still nowhere in sight. 

The memory bus width is expected to be 128 bits, which is narrow, especially considering this is an XX60-Ti GPU. That equates to just 288GB/s of effective bandwidth. However, on the flip side, a 256-bit bus is also on the cards. That would lead to a 2x increase in bandwidth equating to 576GB/s. So NVIDIA will likely choose the latter since they wouldn’t want this GPU to be memory starved. 

As for the pricing, we expect NVIDIA to price it below the $500 threshold, but that’s entirely dependent on AMD’s next move. Should Navi32 disrupt NVIDIA’s market share, the RTX 4060 Ti and other lower-end Ada GPUs may cost lesser than we expected.

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